Space Face

Here’s a strange Space Face after a strange end to a strange day.

space face

16 thoughts on “Space Face

  1. No idea why, but this picture makes smile inside.
    There’s a face,
    Out in space,
    He’s not lonely,
    He is only
    Putting out a warmth
    That you want to embrace.
    He’s Space Face!
    And he’s gotta a tale to tell.

    That’s the title music for Space Face’s adventures!


    1. Hey cpsingleton42, is it okay if I post an audio of me singing this music theme and cracking up laughing? I’ll send it to you for ‘proofing’ first if you like… hehee hee hee mmfph…. (suppressed giggles)


    2. Thank you Chris, here is me laughing my head off… I love the poem, and loved having a really good laugh.

      I see my Space Face picture in a totally new light. I like poetry that intoxicates and makes the world look cheerier and brighter! It’s put a twinkle in my eye, and I hope it spreads like a pandemic. hee hee.


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