Asymmetry on graph paper








Asymmetry white 90dpi


And this is what it looked like before I lifted it off the maths paper….

Asymmetry framed orig


Happy Colouring!



PS. Preparations for the paperback colouring book are coming along well.  I have installed a lovely Office Suite called LibreOffice which is free and works very well.  And it saves files in PDF, so now it is a matter of figuring out how to make sure the images all come out at 300dpi.  It’s really quite exciting!

PPS.  I suppose now would be a good time to ask if anyone has any requests, for anything at all, that they would like to see in their personal paperback copy of the Wildersoul Colouring Book…………  I can’t promise to paint up a Monet, or put in a Michelangelo series, or show the workings of the forces of nature like Leonardo.  Is there a favourite  you would like in higher quality print?  Or perhaps something new?


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