Symmetry Series…

A few more lines put together on maths paper, you know, the exercise books with squares neatly ordered on each page?  Have you ever drawn up designs for mosaics, or patchwork, or knitting on maths paper?  It seems to help order my brain as I rule up each line.  I start seeing the patterns on the page, a bit like seeing patterns on a chess board, for where the horse can move.  Oops, ‘Knight’ not horse….  (Looks like a horse to me!)

symmetry 4

I was testing out proportions for my paperback colouring book pages, that’s why there is the blank framed area underneath the main drawing.  That’s the space for you to write, or doodle, or draw or paint something.  Or colour with your favourite colour.  Or discover a new texture, or try out a new type of crayon, or scribble in delight, or frustration…  Have fun, be loose, free your creativity!

symmetry 3

This one is the just the pattern on its own. (To state the obvious!)  By the way, what does the pattern look like to you?

Happy Colouring!





4 thoughts on “Symmetry Series…

  1. Thank you! And yes, garden plans work out well on graph paper too! Mine is rather ‘unplanned’ right now, which is about to change…. [pulls out graph paper, chews on end of pencil deep in thought…]


  2. I adore graph paper! I have used so many pages for planning … knitting patterns, cross stitch patterns, gardening plans, etc. Your coloring page is magnificent! 😀


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