Two Shags on a Post

These two shags were resting from a good day of fishing when we walked by the other day.  My camera is a basic digital which does not zoom up very close, so I took a shot and hoped for the best.  I cropped it in my editing program, and was disappointed in the lack of contrast which makes it hard for the computer to ‘trace’ the outlines.  So today I bit the bullet and traced it by hand.  Hope you enjoy the result!

Happy Colouring!


two shags two shags portrait


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22 thoughts on “Two Shags on a Post

  1. Thanks for that feedback! I need to get it updated soon! Are you in Pinterest? I hadn’t noticed if you were 🙂


  2. That’s my alternative. It’s hard enough to manage just one blog that’s why I’m hesitating to add another. Mine are on the sidebar when you’re on the home page. I just wished it looked more “glamourous” than it does now. I think I need to fiddle with the settings to make the photos pop out.


  3. I’ve started to think about putting heaps of photos on to Flickr, and then people can zoom over there on a link. Also, I have seen Flickr photos displayed down the sidebar of blogs which looks pretty neat.


  4. Thanks, I need to keep mine on for the reviews, can’t change the urls at this point. But from the beginning I’ve always wanted a purely photoblog, all photos no words just the titles and maybe metadata if I wasn’t feeling lazy..


  5. There is a downside to it, in that the followers and views are split between them all. I guess it is all right, kind of like having a separate ‘business’ or ‘shop’ for different things. Haha – maybe like a department store? The Wildersoul Creative Arts Department! hee hee. I’ve been trying to think of ways to bundle them all together, such as Categories and Menus. I’m not confident about doing that though, and fear it is too late as I would lose the followers from the separate blogs if I merged them. Sigh – we all do what we do. I love the variety on your blog. 🙂


  6. Another wonderful colouring page! I’ve been thinking about splitting up my blog stuff as well, you’re so organised. Nice!


  7. Great! I’m looking forward to a walk, and must close the lid on this laptop before the sun disappears completely – Hey it’s been great chatting! 🙂 Bye for now!


  8. Beautiful – that’s the best I could wish for. I coloured the Ruby Tuesday one yesterday, and tried out my fine paintbrush with watercolour paints that had got all cracked from lack of use! I was surprised that paint worked well on the copy paper, and the laser toner resists the watercolours so it stays between the lines quite well. All the best with the crayons and markers. Coloured pencils seem to work pretty good too, although they do need sharpening…


  9. Well, I have to admit I’m glad it was you who had to be patient!! Lol I was just actually thinking that I need to go buy some crayons or markers later on today. I think I will incorporate coloring one of your designs into part of my art therapy!


  10. LOL Mine did look like scribbles, it was very frustrating and took me ages to figure out how to make the ‘pen’ behave. At one stage it was putting random circles on the end of each line! Got there in the end – nothing like a bit of patience and perseverence… And I thought I would ‘quickly’ turn it into outlines and close my computer for the day. Not so…. I am very glad you like it. Makes it all worthwhile 🙂 Have you had a go at colouring any?


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