Days of the Week: Purple Thursday

Here’s an imaginary landscape to make up for my lack of imagination yesterday.  Purple always reminds me of distant mountain ranges running deep into the horizon.  This is my final addition to the Color of the Day series inspired by Mama Bear Musings.

The roughened one gives a windier and choppier look to the sea and sky…

thursday purple outline rough thursday purple outline dbl


Double outlines for a different effect.

thursday purple words

I had a bit of a play on words here – Purple Thursday: Distant mountains, and Purple mountains: Distant Thursday…


thursday purple words2thursday purple outline


The original hand-drawn and scanned this morning…

thursday purple words3


Finished and framed. Happy colouring!  ~WilderSoul


9 thoughts on “Days of the Week: Purple Thursday

      1. Lovely! I am halfway there – my next post is a “hand-drawn” with a computer stylus, traced from a photo I took of two shags perching on a post. I am just uploading the pics now. Spread the joy…


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