Days of the Week: White Wednesday

The blank white canvas beckons us to let the creativity flow…  and to battle with the blocks and resistance that try to tell us we cannot.  Sometimes it is a release of resistance to just go wild and scribble all over the white canvas…  Go for it!

wednesday 2 wednesday 3 wednesday 4 wednesday 5 wednesday 6wednesday 1


I will need to get a hurry on as my scheduled posts have run out, and I am facing a blank canvas for Thursday’s post!  Here my favourite White Wednesday post at Mama Bear Musings.

2 thoughts on “Days of the Week: White Wednesday

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  2. I love them. What a cool idea; a blank canvas. Don’t worry just go with something. If you feel led to a particular subject, let me know and I will incorporate it. Thanks for all you do. HUGS


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