Days of the Week: Brown Sunday

I thought of the colour brown and looked at each letter in the word “S U N D A Y” to figure out what would fit best into that shape.  Have a look through and see if you can guess what the letter ‘S’ looks like.  I reckon it is a bit ambiguous and would love to hear what it reminds you of the most.  Remember it has to be brown!

My Color of the Day series is inspired by Mama Bear Musings.

sunday dbl outln

This one has a double outline, for some finer colouring-in skills…

Sunday moonarize

Yes….. Moonarized to save on printer ink!

Sunday stained glass

Just for fun, a stained glass Sunday…  There is probably someone who can really make it into stained glass from this design. Is that you?  Or someone you know?  What do you think – could we sell them online?

sunday outline

Yup. The original version…. Bic Mark-it fine point permanent marker pen and Staedtler pigment liner 0.5

I’m going to test out the Amazon affiliate thing – and see if I can add a link here to buy pens or coloured pencils or crayons, or something.  Just to see what it would look like if/when I get my colouring book turned into an e-book to sell.  I’d like to figure out how it all works.

Happy Colouring!


PS. I have a new blog for my poetry and writing just born today at Wildersoul Create~Express


9 thoughts on “Days of the Week: Brown Sunday

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  2. I can email what I intended the ‘S’ to be, if anyone is interested. Just thought others might come up with something more interesting – like a skunk’s tail! That has given me a smile and a half. 🙂


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