Mice book cover

This is the cover of the mouse book I made for mine and my neighbours’ kids in 2004.  Once all the illustrations are uploaded, I’ll add them all in one post as a collection. I am going to schedule the remaining illustrations to post themselves over the next 7 days.  This will take the pressure off me a bit, as I have some work to do on a website design, and a whole lot to catch up on in the house and garden this week.  Also, I am wanting to try something new with my art, and need to clear some space for it, both in my work area and in my mind.

If it works out well, I may end up doing artwork all week, and scheduling a week’s worth of posts at the end of each week.  It really has started the ball rolling for me, doing all these colouring book pictures daily over the last month or so.  Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support!

Wishing you all the best with your colouring or other creative pursuits this week.


3 thoughts on “Mice book cover

  1. I have added a category “Mouse Book” to these mouse illustrations, and added them to the Menu at the top of the blog. Seems to work great at keeping them all in the same place. I may add some other collections to the Menu soon.


  2. Aw shucks I feel all warm and fuzzy now. I will have to get on to putting them all on one post, almost like a proper book! I see amazon.com looming on the horizon….. Actually putting them on a page is a nice idea – thank you!


  3. I was working backwards from newest post to older ones. So this was the inspiration for it! I used to do that also (scheduling posts) and still do when I can, to free some time. I’ll be doing it again now that my April is free. I really liked your mouse series and look forward to a page? or post dedicated to it. I’ve actually gone and downloaded the others for coloring on other days for the kids (and maybe myself also). Thank you so much for sharing these.



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