Mouse in the light

Here’s a little mouse in the light which comes from a book I put together for my kids in 2004 when we had boxes and cages full of pet mice.  Cute.  The original lady mouse was white as a Snowflake, and the gentleman mouse was quick as a Flash, and had black patches on his white fur.  So we named them Snowflake and Flash. The generations of baby mice came out all sorts of colours, white, black and white, brown and white, tan and white, and the last generation were champagne and white.  At about this stage, we bundled the boxes of them down to the pet shop where they were given away free.  There are a few more mouse illustrations from the book which I will add since they are already in black and white which is perfect for colouring!



15 thoughts on “Mouse in the light

  1. Not a pretty sight! 🙂 Mostly the birds keep away at the sight of a cat. I have seen birds callously divebombing a cat! Protecting their nest I reckon! Poor cat! No wonder they slink along in the shadows! Nice to get to know you a bit better Saunved! I have a picture in my head of you surrounded with 11 cats and dogs! With a big grin! 😀 G’Night for now. 🙂


  2. No pets besides the wild ones which look after themselves around me in nature. Birds, crickets, wetas, mantises, moths and butterflies, katydids, cockroaches, ladybugs, worms, snails, hedgehogs… that sort of thing! There are definitely more birds around when there are no cats! 🙂


  3. Wow! That would be amazing! What a wonderful experience to visit him with all his cats and dogs!! I would guess that this memory will stay with you for a lifetime, Saunved! Lovely.


  4. Oh yes! My uncle is a cat/dog trader. He has around 10 dogs and 11-12 cats with him…! I love visiting his place (but he lives very far away so I get to see those lovely animals after one year or so)…


  5. I am a complete Cat and Dog fan! I mean, I LOVE THEM!!! I want to keep a cat, but I haven’t got the permission to do so…but hopefully, I will be able to in a few weeks…:D


  6. We have had many cats, and none at the moment as we wish to travel. Flash, the gentleman mouse, used to ride on the Mack the Cat’s head (under supervision.) Unfortunately we lost one mouse to a passing neighbourhood cat. And another was rescued from the mouth of our dear neighbour’s cat we called ‘Uncle Stu.’ I love all animals. How about you?


  7. Shocking! I forgot that I wrote about them, and had to revisit my post to remember! I can almost smell those little mousie’s all over again. We had rats after that, and they smelled distinctly like corn chips. Yum!


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