Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

This one is a hybrid of freehand drawing, photograph of a bottle top, and digital manipulation.  Bit of a weekly colouring challenge!  If you would like to share the results of your colouring, please feel free to scan or photograph it, and post a link in the comments here, or at Wildersoul Rainbows, or email me at wildersoul@gmail.com and I will post them.

My vision is to have a community of people of all ages and abilities with a place to pick up fresh artwork to colour, and a place to display their work.  I love the idea of seeing all the different colour combinations for the same picture.  Different colours can bring out a different mood in a picture.  I am curious to see what becomes of the black and white drawings after they leave the blog and emerge from a printer somewhere else in the world…

Anyway, here it is – Lost in the Details, my colouring book interpretation.  Check out other interpretations at the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge

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