Circle Swirl

Happy Colouring!

It’s been a busy day, and there is now a Facebook page for the Wildersoul Free Online Colouring Book, and a Fundrazr advert to raise some funds for a year of artwork to upload.

Has anyone tried out  It is a place to draw online with others.  I recommend it as a whole lot of fun.  A sample drawing, and a big Hi to the Wildersoul Online Colouring Community.  If you use this link you will be able to draw with others from this blog.  Maybe make a date, and throw around some colour together.  Just enter a nickname and others will be able to see who is drawing what.  There is a chat screen available while colouring.  The finished drawing can be saved to a gallery if you want.  Otherwise it can be just for laughs with friends, old or new.  If you want, copy the link and post it in a comment here to share your creation.

All the best,



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