Swan plant silhouette

I like this one, very much.  It’s a new technique, where I catch the shadow of the plants by blutacking a piece of paper on the window, when the sun is shining the right way.  Then I photograph it, and trace it with the computer’s drawing program.  My new operating system doesn’t have the printer installed on it yet, so I am itching to get this one printed so I can have a go at colouring it.  I’d love to see your colouring work if you’d like to send a link in the comments.

I’m thinking of setting up a separate area where people can share their colouring adventures with others in this growing colouring community.  So there will be a black and white area, to choose colouring sheets from, and a colourful area to display all the colourful artworks.  Absolutely no competitions or contests.  Just the joy of sharing.

Happy colouring…


PS. Does anyone get frustrated colouring in?  Does anyone notice any changes in their brain during or after colouring?  Love to hear your personal experiences with colouring, if you would like to share.


2 thoughts on “Swan plant silhouette

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing your experience. I was feeling a little shy of posting blank frames, if that is what you are working on. And I was thinking of posting some more in different shapes, such as a circle frame, maybe a triangle, or a square. I struggled when I first tried colouring a blank frame. Then once I got started it was a thrill to get into the creative expression. I haven’t stopped since. My pleasure to have you here on the blog as it grows. Thanks again for sharing, it is inspiring to hear about what happens after I’ve posted the colouring sheets. ~WilderSoul

    PS. I am also thinking of a proper ‘About’ page which says a bit about who I am and where I come from and where I want to go from here. All in good time.


  2. I’m still working on coloring that lovely frame you shared the other day. Somehow it got me thinking about where I wanted to go from here. I am amazed that I am actually getting involved with artistic expression again. It’s a wake-up call of sorts. I appreciate what you’re doing here and will gladly join you as you broaden the horizons of your blog.


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