Hibiscus in vase

This one cheered up my work room for the day.  Did you know these flowers last all day in a vase without any water?  I found that I wasn’t quite in the right mood for pencil drawings, so I used the camera and editing software on the computer to create the outlines.  Hope you have fun colouring it…


2 thoughts on “Hibiscus in vase

  1. Thank you Karen, It is an exciting idea for me, the online colouring book. I’m thinking of printing some into booklets that I can sell at the gate, too. Just something simple to get me started, and see if people are interested. Hope your daughter enjoys brightening these drawings up with her own special colours. ~WilderSoul


  2. wildersoul, I love the idea of an online coloring book! I agree that coloring is calming and enjoyable for adults as well as children. My daughter is 5 and will want to pick one of these right away. I, too, am pretty new to blogging and am really enjoying the experience so far. When writing about something we know and love, it is pretty cool! Good luck with your adventures here.


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